Britain's new social classes

  • Elite: Most privileged group set apart from other classes because of wealth, highest scoring economically, socially and culturally
  • Established middle class: Largest class group and second wealthiest, also score high culturally and socially
  • Technical middle class: Small, distinct group that aren't so social but have money and are into emerging culture like gaming, the internet and rock music
  • New affluent workers: A young group that is socially and culturally active with middling levels of income
  • Traditional working class: Score low economically, socially and culturally but have reasonably high house values and oldest average age
  • Emergent service workers: New, young, urban group who don't have much money but are very social and cultural - they "live for today"
  • Precariat: Poorest, most deprived class who score low economically, socially and culturally




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